SD Art is Sophie

Sophie D'Assisi - Contemporary Artist Melbourne
SD Art is an emerging contemporary art practice in Melbourne directed by painter, Sophie D'Assisi. The purpose of her art practice is to provide theatre for the eyes, heart and soul. A visual lyrical wonderland, whereby music is seen, not heard.
Sophie D'Assisi's paintings are distinctly her own-raw yet refined, they give the appearance of being in a continual sense of movement, giving life with the enamoured energy of her sensual application and vivid colour. D'Assisi paintings vary from purely abstraction to figurative expressionism, drawing on a wide range of artistic historical references - from 17th century French Classicism to Abstract Expressionism. A plethora of colour mixing that is only limited to one's imagination, fierce yet soft energetic brush strokes, aggressive mark-making all with high volumes of texture are signature elements to her unique painting style.