SD Art is Sophie

Sophie D'Assisi - Contemporary Artist Melbourne
SD ART is - Sophie D'Assisi. A contemporary private art gallery born in 2021, with a purpose and vision to provide a home of escapism, for the eyes, heart and soul. Discreetly located on High Street, Prahran, in one of Melbourne's well known art precincts. We are proud to exhibit our work in international galleries from New York, London to Madrid, and also having featured in numerous prestigious Australian and International publications such as British Vogue, Vanity Fair and House & Garden UK to name a few. D'Assisi has accrued a strong global following with art collectors from Singapore, New York and Monaco adding to their private collections.

Raised in an artistic family, her late Father Vasilios was a painter, and was surrounded by creativity from a very early age. It wasn't until later in her life, that her innate gift would surface and she would discover that she had inherited her Father's gift. Practicing as a foot doctor for fifteen years, and then pursuing interior design, it wasn't until she turned thirty eight that she picked up a paint brush for the first time. D'Assisi's paintings are distinctly her own, raw yet refined, with a unique painting style that is uniquely her own. They give the appearance of being in a continual sense of movement, giving life with her emotionally charged expressive application of paint.

Her idiosyncratic style is halfway between strange fantasy, and the surreal dreamworld. Sometimes dark and moody, sometimes bright and glimmering, but always deep, raw and imbued with a calm intensity, oozing romantic decadence and figurative symbolism. She uses deeply worked surfaces, texture that is heavily marked with inventive impasto, and colours that allow one's imagination to run wild.  They command an aesthetic that is uniquely her own, a theatrical visual that is none other than a true masterful performance